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Settling In Evening – 21/22

“Settling In” evening is a short parents evening held at the beginning of each academic year.

It is a chance for parents/carers to ensure that their child has made the best possible start to the year. The meeting will be with your child’s form tutor. This is the primary point of contact for parents/carers and we aim to keep form tutors with students from the time they join in Year 7 until Year 11.

For the 21/22 academic year, this evening will be online via the Parents-booking website.

If you have not already made an appointment with your child’s form tutor, please click here to go to the Parents-Booking website and do so.

In order to get the most from your meeting, please discuss the following with your child in advance:

  • Have the settled in well to their form group, if there have been any changes
  • Have they had any issues being prepared with the correct equipment each day
  • Have there been any consequences/sanctions given? If so, which lessons/teachers, and what are the reasons?
  • Are they struggling with any subject in particular?
  • Are they having any difficulties with friendship groups/classes?
  • Are there any wider pastoral issues that may be affecting their performance?

During your meeting with your child’s form tutor, you may want to discuss these questions above, and anything else that may be on your mind.

If you do not have enough time to discuss all of these questions, your child’s form tutor will be available via email to continue the discussion.

Year 7

7.1 – Ms Simmons –

7.2 – Mr Wilkes –

7.3 – Mr Bye –

7.4 – Mr Pearce –

7.5 – Ms Keating –

Year 10

10.1 – Ms Scarfe –

10.2 – Mrs Browning –

10.3 – Ms Brenan-Markham –

10.4 – Ms Simoes –

10.5 – Ms Gascoyne –