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At Fakenham Academy we recognise the value to reward students to make them feel valued and proud of their achievements.

Whole school 

Merits(each teacher awards
1 to 3 merits every lesson)
Bronze(20 Merits) – Stationery Small edible rewards
Silver(60 Merits)
– Stationary edible rewards
– Golden Ticket for front of lunch queue
Gold(120 Merits) – Branded items
– £1.50 Voucher to spend at the canteen
– Lunchtime games pass
– Non-uniform ticket
– Pizza with the Principal’
Platinum(200 Merits) – Voucher Cinema/Bowling ticket
– Trophy
Attitude to Learning(ATL) Rewards
All 1’s and 2’s on the
– Certificates awarded.
– Xpression message to say congratulations. 
– List of students displayed at the end of assembly to
say well done
– Certificates to be given out by form tutors at the end of the assembly.
– Photos taken and displayed. 
– Highlight who has the most ones (top five highlighted) and displayed on the digital message board.
Improved Attitude to Learning – Heads of Key Stage to go around in form time to say well done. 
– Personalised postcard from Heads of Key Stage given to the student.
Annual letter from a member of the
Senior Leadership Team to recognise excellent ATL
throughout the year. 
– Posted home
Attendance Rewards
100% Attendance(Termly)– A edible reward
– A certificate awarded in a special
attendance assembly
95% to 99.9% Attendance(Termly) – A certificate awarded in a special
attendance assembly
100% attendance for the whole
of the academic year
– A prize equivalent to a Gold
award(see table above)
– A certificate awarded in a
special attendance assembly
100% attendance throughout
schooling at Fakenham Academy
– A prize equivalent to a Platinum
award(see table above)
– Recognition during the valedictory
Good Citizen
For doing a good deed to
help others. Chosen by the Head
of Key Stage and Tutor
– Name displayed on the digital TV
– Announced in the Google Classroom
– Edible reward