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At Fakenham Academy, we want to create an outstanding climate for learning.

It is important that our young people feel happy, supported and cared for in order to achieve their best in the classroom. We believe that our Pastoral system provides the support and guidance that pupils need from Year 7 right the way through until Year 11.

Our Pastoral team is made up of experienced staff. Each morning pupils meet their Form Tutor for registration and it is to this member of staff that pupils will turn to initially if they have a problem, it is also the first point of contact for parents. Ordinarily, a pupil’s form tutor will stay with them as they progress through year 7 to 11 building a positive relationship. Form tutors monitor student planners, school uniform and attendance as well as discussing behaviour (both positive and negative) with the members of their form group.

This academic year we have restructured the pastoral system, instead of Heads of House we now have 2 Head of Key Stage, Head of Key Stage 3 and Head of Key Stage 4, and a full-time Welfare Officer.

The Heads of Key Stage will be responsible for the team of form tutors, ensuring that high standards are kept within the team; they also have an overview of the progress made by all pupils within their key stage of responsibility. If it is felt that additional support is needed for specific pupils, this is then implemented. As well as this we will maintain the house system, Jupiter, Mars, Neptune and Saturn. This system embraces the promotion of competitions and a sense of belonging to foster a community ideology.

As well as members of staff we also have support from external agencies whose staff are specialists in their field. The agencies offer support to pupils who need extra help at a specific time in their school career; they also work with the pupils’ families if it is deemed necessary. Pupils and/or parents can request to see an agency via their Heads of House.