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Sapientia Education Trust holds ultimate responsibility for all decisions regarding the running of the individual academies. However, it delegates some of the decisions to the Local Governing Body to enable a more focused local control, though it remains legally responsible for standards across all academies within the MAT.

Although the Local Governing Body is constituted in an advisory capacity to the Sapientia Education Trust, they play a crucial and essential role in raising attainment and achievement of each academy through:

  • monitoring the academic performance of the academy;
  • holding managers to account;
  • supporting academy students and staff.

The membership of the Local Governing Body consists of a Staff member, two Parent members, members from local buisnesses, members who have bene parents previously and members from surrounding educational establishments.

The members of the Local Governing Body are:

  • Jennifer Lonsdale (Chair)
  • Rob Lodge (Vice Chair)
  • Richard Evans (Academy Principal)
  • Rajan Verma (Staff Governor)
  • Martin Turner
  • Tim Stevens (Parent Governor)
  • Cathrine Lane (Support Staff Governor)

The Local Governing Body may be contacted by:


(Marked Private and Confidential to the Chair of the LGB) c/o Nicola Daultrey, PA to the Principal, Fakenham Academy, Field Lane, Fakenham, NR21 9QT



01328 862545

LGB Documents

Until June 1st, Fakenham Academy was part of Norfolk Academies MAT. For information relating to Norfolk Academies Annual Reports and Financial Statements, Norfolk Academies Value for Money Statements, Norfolk Academies Funding Agreement and Norfolk Academies Memorandum and Articles of Association please visit the Norfolk Academies website.