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In June 2020 we join the Sapientia Education Trust and there have been some changes to our uniform since the beginning of the 19/20 academic year.

Current parents will have been made aware of these through a letter sent out in June 2020 which explaisn the grace period in students being able to continue to use uniform that bears the previous logo/name.

For all new students joining us from June 1st onwards there is a list of uniform guidlines below:

During the 18/19 academic year we updated our uniform requirements based on a vote taken by the student body regarding the introduction of blazers to replace school jumpers as the upper garment.

After seeking further feedback from students and parents, a decision was made to adopt the academy blazer as part of the uniform from September 2020 for all students who are currently studying at Fakenham Academy, Year 7s starting in September 2019 are the first year group to have compulsory blazers, however many other students have already made the change before September 2020

Another change to our uniform was the addition of school shorts, these may be worn at any point in the academic year, by both boys and girls. They are available from both of our uniform suppliers (Birds of Dereham and Sweets’n’Things)