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One of the most important aspects to ensuring your son/daughter has a happy, and productive journey through school is the collaboration of school, parents and pupil.

We urge all parents to contact the school via the usual methods if you have any issues or situation which may affect the education of your son/daughter.

One of our main methods of communicating with parents/carers directly is via the Xpressions app.

This app is available on IOS & Android on the app store, complete instructions for downloading, configuring and using the app are available on this letter which was issued to parents when Xpressions was launched in 2019.

This app allows you to receive updates from school regarding your son/daughter’s attendance, academic performance, behaviour as well as being notified of upcoming events such as parents evenings, revision classes, and other pertinent school information.

If you have any questions or issues with the Xpressions app, please contact us via any of the usual methods.