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The Inclusion Room, known as the “Reflection Centre”, although located in a block on its own, is an integral part of the school. Although the Unit was conceived for the purpose of behaviour support, it has evolved significantly over the years to incorporate the needs of pupils who are suffering from emotional difficulties and are struggling to maintain a full-time timetable. The unit very much operates around the mantra “Every Child Matters”. 

The Reflection Centre has three rooms and a toilet area and is staffed by one full-time member of staff. The main room has space for approximately  10 pupils. The secondary room has space for approximately 7more pupils. The third room is mainly used for pupils who are particularly distressed and need time out to gain control of their emotions.

The Reflection Centre staff treat each and every pupil as an individual. They are non‐judgemental and always endeavour to create a caring atmosphere whilst imposing clear boundaries.

When a pupil is referred to the Reflection Centre, their needs are assessed and any issues are raised. These issues can be wide-ranging and may include behavioural, emotional and physical needs. Once the needs of the pupil are identified staff will endeavour to solve any issues using a variety of methods.  These may include removal from a certain subject for a  time, dropping of a subject (subject to approval by SLT) or the planning and implementation of a part-time timetable.

The ultimate goal of the Reflection Centre is for the pupils to reach a stage where re‐integration into mainstream school is achieved. If this is not possible, measures are put into place to further support the pupil’s learning. This could involve, but is not limited to, the introduction of a part‐time timetable, extra sessions with a 1:1 tutor, counselling sessions and visits to outside agencies.