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September 2020 Reopening

This guidance was issued on 14th July 2020 and was last updated on 28th August 2020. The most up to date information will always be available on this webpage.

Fakenham Academy – Reopening for all students in September 2020

This plan for school reopening from September has been produced in conjunction with government and DFE guidance  to all secondary schools. It has also been reviewed and approved by the Sapientia Education Trust

In order to ensure that we reduce the risk of transmission between pupils, whilst also continuing to provide our broad and balanced curriculum, we have had to make some adjustments to our standard practices.

Which students will be attending school in September?

We are planning that all students can return to school in September full time. All students will return to school on Tuesday 8th September.

Monday 7th September will only be for students in Years 7 and 12 to allow new students to get used to the school.

How will we accommodate all students safely in school at one time?

We have altered our intended 20/21 timetable so students are taught in the same rooms for the majority of their lessons. Year groups will be based in individual areas of the school for the majority of their lessons and staff teaching each year group will move between classrooms. E.g. all Year 7 students may be based in the Maths classrooms, Year 8 students in the English classrooms.

How will students travel to school?

Where possible, we ask that students walk, cycle or are driven to school by a member of their household. When students arrive at school there will be distancing measures in place. Where students have to travel to school via county provided buses, they will be allocated a seat in their year groups on each bus for the duration of travel to and from school each day. At the end of the first day of term, and each following day we will oversee students boarding buses and ensure the correct allocation and seating on each bus. Where possible, bus prefects will be in place on each bus on journeys to and from school. We request that all students travelling on any form of bus transport wear a face covering for both journeys to and from school. This is the only point in their school day when they will be in close proximity to other pupils who may not be in their ‘year group bubble’ so it is important to reduce the risk of transmission at this time.

Can my child wear a face covering?

Face coverings are required in all areas of school except:

  • Lessons (face coverings can be worn in lessons if students wish to do so)
  • On the field
  • In the canteen when eating.

When not being used, face coverings should be removed and stored in a pupils schoolbag. Only standard plain face coverings will be permitted.

Coverings must not be shared at any time.

What will be taught when students are back in school?

Only small adjustments have been made to the delivery of subjects on offer to students, these are to allow us to meet government guidance on controlling student movement and interaction. This means that some years may have to have a larger rotation for some creative lessons which are taught in specialist rooms. Science lessons in dedicated labs have been adjusted so that lessons can continue on a rota basis also. We will also make use of video technology to ensure the widest possible educational experience for every student.

How will we reduce the risk of transmission within school?

In order to reduce interaction between large groups of students, and potentially spread the virus, a number of changes have been implemented. Key Stage 3 students (Years 7, 8 and 9) will be taught class groups for all their lessons. This is not vastly different to our current KS3 system as students are currently only set in Maths. Key Stage 3 Students will be based in one room predominantly, moving only for lessons requiring specialist rooms

Students in Key stage 4 (Years 10 and 11) will still be taught in their English, Maths and GCSE subjects. Where possible, travel between rooms for these students will be minimised and only students in KS4 will access these rooms. Students will still have access to specialist rooms.

Students in Key Stage 5 will be taught completely in the Sixth Form building with the exception of Physics/Chemistry/Biology lessons that require specialist rooms.

We will be providing equipment for hand sanitisation within all teaching rooms and enabling all students to wash their hands as they arrive at school and during social times.

In order to enable all year groups to have their social times (break and lunch) with only their own year groups, we have had to alter the school day slightly within the normal start and finish times. There are no changes to either the start or end times of the school day. Social times will therefore be staggered and students will access these at different times depending on their year. The number of breaks and the duration of breaks remain the same for all students.

Where more than one year group is scheduled for social time together, they will have further staggered access to the canteen so they will not mix with other year groups. To assist with this we ask that students where possible come with their own packed lunch each day, however the canteen will still be providing food for those who require it and those who have ‘Free School Meals’.

In addition to this, we have planned some additional time for students to be in their own year group where we can deliver a programme bespoke to each year group that aims to address any gaps in knowledge from the period of school closure, including core subjects,  pastoral and wellbeing support, careers guidance and enrichment activities. This is included in the ‘Flourish’ time below.

An example of how the school day will look for each year group is included below.

In order to meet government guidance for students undertaking physical activity (PE), and in order to deliver this in the same timetabled lessons/groupings as desired, a slight amendment to uniform is required. On the day students have PE, they are asked to attend school in their PE kit. Coats/overclothes may be worn in the event of cold weather.

At all other times, full school uniform must be worn. Uniforms do not need to be cleaned any more often than usual, nor do they need to be cleaned using methods which are different from normal.

There are a number of additional practical changes that will take place alongside these plans. Adjustments to how we deliver larger activities such as assemblies have been made so that there is as little disruption as possible. Until further guidance is given we will continue to postpone face to face evenings within school (parents evening, open evenings). Where these are scheduled to take place early in the 20/21 academic year, we will arrange that all parents are kept up to date via online conferencing/phone calls.

In the event of another national or local lockdown, we have refined our remote learning provision to allow for work delivered via Google Classroom to be supplemented with live/video lessons. Paper copies of work would continue to be provided for those students who do not have online access. Thank you to all parents/carers who responded to the request for feedback regarding our remote learning programme, it was indeed useful.

When students return to school on Monday 7th and Tuesday 8th September, we will brief all students fully on the timetable changes, rooming, and any other information required in addition to this plan.

We will also be publishing a video before the Autumn term starts showing students the rooms they will be based in, entrances used, spaces available for them at social times and other day to day changes.

We have produced this plan within the guidance given by the DFE and government, and will be reviewed in light of any further guidance. If there are any alterations to these plans over the summer break, we will update all parents/carers via their registered email address and Xpressions / social media. If you have any questions or feedback on our plan for re-opening please do not hesitate to contact us via over the summer break period. Parents of year 6 students joining us in September will not be able to access Xpressions until after your child has joined us, so we will continue to notify you by post / social media.

Yours sincerely

Richard Allen Evans