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Fakenham Academy Remote Education Careers Bulletin – January 2021

Welcome to our first remote education careers bulletin.  The aim of these bulletins is to keep you updated on local opportunities, information and events related to careers, during this period of remote education.

We believe it is very important for our students to have as much information about potential careers, as early as possible. 

When you consider that setting goals provides direction and purpose, it is no surprise that exploring future careers helps students to become more motivated and increases their chances of achieving their best at school.  

The growing number of career choices, means that many students will change jobs several times throughout their lifetime. This can already be seen in today’s society, so it is important that we equip our students with essential career skills. 

We hope that you find this bulletin informative and that it equips you to further explore careers at home. 

The Careers Team

Mr Bye, Mrs Walton and Mrs West

Years 7 and 8 Students

Not everyone achieves their ambition straight away. Can you guess what these stars did to make ends meet before making it in showbiz?

Simon Cowell- A) Carpenter, B) Cleaner or C) Post boy?

Vernon Kaye- A) Carpet fitter, B) Phone box cleaner or C) office cleaner?

Davina McCall- A) Singing waitress, B) Hairdresser or C) Make-up artist?

Please email us your answers to Mrs West, telling us what you aspire to be when you finish school.

Year 9 Parents Evening  – Thursday 21st January 2021

We are starting the process of GCSE Options, with students selecting the subjects they will be studying in Years 10 and 11. It is important that the decisions made by students regarding options are made carefully and in discussion with a range of people including subject teachers and parents/carers. Mrs Walton, Fakenham Academy’s careers advisor, will be available for pre-booked appointments during the parents evening using the online ‘Parents Booking’ system. One-to-one careers advice can also be given through pre-booked telephone appointments. If you would like to make an appointment, please contact Mrs West (Librarian and Careers Facilitator) at 

Year 10 – Work Experience

For the past years all Year 10 students have enjoyed two weeks of work experience at the end of Year 10. We are currently reviewing what work experience will look like for this coming year, with this likely to have a virtual, online element.  In readiness for this, we will be sharing a number of virtual work experiences with students. In the meantime, students could speak to someone in their household about their career path and different jobs they have experienced so far in their working careers, to gain an wider understanding of the world of work.

Year 11 – Post 16 Destinations

Prior to lockdown, many Year 11 students were able to meet with Mrs Walton in school for a one-to-one careers, information, advice and guidance session. These appointments will now be conitung via telephone. If a student was absent and missed an in-school appointment or would like to have a further session as a priority, please contact Mrs West to book an appointment. Appointments can be outside of the school day, if that is more convenient.

Useful Resources

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